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Discussion part of the dissertation

The discussion part is the focal point that needs to be designed in sync with the results. This is where a writer explains the efficacy of what is being stated. No personal opinion is required in the dissertation discussion chapter. What you need to do is just present the facts and views without tinting them with what you feel. At the same time, you do need to give a significant analysis of what you have found out via research.
When writing the discussion section you must develop a balanced approach and not let subjective matters influence it. The discussion helps you to provide references for the literature review and a theoretical base to describe and evaluate further.

The discussion usually deals with the results

Your purpose is to present the results in a clear and understandable way. The two chapters must be placed together and generated in the same manner.

You will be able to get numerical results when you look through all the statistical data and collate the information obtained from the tests, surveys and observations. The main aim of the results section is to focus on the broad picture of the research and relate your discussion of the problem to it. The dissertation discussion must be linked with the original hypothesis. It is important since it shows the support that you are able to provide for your findings. The methodology you have used needs to be clarified. You must also outline your plans for future researches.

The quantitative results demonstrate the findings that you were able to get from your research. This is where you will give an honest opinion. The explanation you will present is the crux of the dissertation. Pay more attention to the theoretical part and the way it is presented in the literature review. Give enough critical and thought-provoking comments and outline the research that was conducted.
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