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Conclusion writing

Writing a dissertation conclusion can be a bit tricky because the author is asked to synthesize and evaluate the work of 300+ pages of literature review, research, methodology and analysis. The ability to extrapolate the most salient points and to make suggestions for further study can pose challenges for even the most experienced writer. It is important to avoid both extremes – making the conclusion too brief and, on the other hand, making it too long by supplying too much detail. An effective means to an excellent conclusion is to obtain the assistance of a third-party scholar who is able to read your work and to assist in the dissertation conclusion writing with an objective “eye.” Such is the assistance provided by!

The conclusion is a summary of the entire work, and this summary should be placed in the first section of your conclusion chapter. Here, you will want to give an overview of the study – a review of the problems, questions and/or hypotheses initially raised, a brief summary of the literature review, a review of the research methodology, and instruments used. Section two of this chapter should include a summary of the data analysis chapter and the findings, sequencing them just as they were in the data analysis chapter.

Section three of this chapter makes the work full by presenting the conclusions you have reached as a result of your research. These must be clearly stated and relate directly to the questions/hypotheses raised at the beginning. It is easy to become distracted during this section, going off on tangents. Whether you need someone to review and revise your conclusion or to produce the entire section for you, is ready to provide you with the top-notch help of a professional writer – an expert in your content field who has written conclusions for hundreds of dissertations!

Section 4, the implications, can be one of the most challenging parts of dissertation conclusion writing. You must suggest not only what should be done as a result of your research but also how it should be accomplished. You will have to return to your original research as well as become creative in your own thinking! The important thing in this section is not quantity, but quality. A Ph.D. writer, assisting you on this section, can be invaluable, and can provide just such an assistant!

The next section of your dissertation conclusion relates to your suggestions for future research. What “holes” have you found in the current research and in your own attempts to contribute to that research? Again, an objective eye can point these out effectively and appropriately!

Your dissertation conclusion chapter ends with a 2-3 page summary, which states the purpose of your research and reviews your findings and conclusions in an even briefer way. Here, the challenge becomes one of brevity, and most students struggle with the length limitations. Getting expert assistance from will solve this problem. You will find that a complete final section can be produced quickly expertly.

You can be certain that, when you use the services of for your dissertation conclusion writing, you are getting the best expert writer available on the web. The individual assisting you will have a Ph.D. in your subject area and will have the experience of writing dissertations for hundreds of students like you. If you are unsure about our services, we have a number of sample dissertation conclusions for you to study. Feel free to request them when you contact us!

We are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call us at any time, day or night. Our customer service representatives will be available to respond to your questions and concerns. You will find no service that will do more or produce higher quality than the professionals at!

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