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Games and sports are activities that are extremely important to everyone. They are very effective at keeping people fit and healthy. They give us all an opportunity to break from the tedium of everyday life. Games and sports are also an effective form of physical exertion and entertainment. They are activities that are excellent character builders. Moreover, physical activity gives people strength and boosts energy.

In most schools, sports are offered as part of the curriculum since they are known to develop at least three aspects of an individual’s character i.e. their mental, moral, and physical sides. Participating in sports is a means of making one’s body more active and stronger, and certain physical activities are good at developing morality and a person’s intellect. Sport provides the human body with adequate exercise, and the fact that players have to abide by rules gets them accustomed to discipline, at least while they are playing.  

The majority of sports and games are about creating and developing a spirit of healthy participation and competition. The concept of ‘sportsmanship’ suggests fair rather than foul play, where the latter is penalized during play. Notable characteristics of good sportsmanship are integrity, honesty, and fairness. Real sportsmanship is comprised of acting, negotiating, and co-existing harmoniously with other players and without jealousy or friction. Sportsmanship generates a spirit of cooperation that expects participants to remain cheerful and good-natured, even when they encounter defeat.

Therefore, sports are very beneficial to all aspects of life. At almost all times, more sports and games facilities are appearing in both semi-urban and rural places while most villages have a children’s playground. Better infrastructure to promote different sports is constantly being developed at every location. Additionally, a number of sports-focused organizations are proving very effective in the field of sports promotion.  

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