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Movie Review

Movie reviews are an excellent way for you to express your own opinion of a particular movie you have watched. In most cases, the aim of this type of writing is to help readers decide whether they should buy, hire or watch the movie you have written about. Therefore, you should provide sufficient information to help the reader make informed decisions, but without revealing essential details about the movie’s plot or any surprising twists within it. The following are some tips for writing effective movie reviews.

  • Begin by watching the movie

In order to write a movie review, it is first necessary to view the movie so that you understand it. Choose a familiar environment for this viewing, one in which you can relax. It is usual practice to make notes while you are watching the movie you intend writing about.

  • Offer your own personal opinion

It is important to think about who your readers are likely to be. If a review is aimed at children, the approach you take will be different to the one you would take if you were writing for a club. Make sure you cover the aspects that are likely to matter to your readers.

  • Provide readers with a movie outline

Include an outline of the movie’s content but do not reveal crucial information such as, for instance, the ending or any surprising twists. If a movie has a huge surprise, your aim should be to entice your audience by letting them know something astonishing happens without disclosing what it is.

  • The movie’s cast or actors

In most cases, a movie will have actors so you should say who stars in a particular movie and say if you think their acting was good or bad.

  • Describe how the movie is structured

Say whether the chosen movie adheres to a predictable or standard storyline, or did it remind you of some other well-known movie or movie franchise?

  • Read and re-read your written work

Read back over the review you have written and check it thoroughly. Finding errors in the work you have done after it is published may cause you embarrassment.

There Will Be Blood (2007) Movie Review

The Southern California oil boom during the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the basis for Upton Sinclair’s novel, Oil!, published in 1927. Almost a century later, the movie There Will Be Blood (2007) directed, written and produced by Paul Thomas Anderson portrays much of the same sentiments from the book. Based very loosely... Protection Status