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Take a moment to consider this: What do you usually do when you want to watch a show you like, listen to a song you love, or find out what is currently happening in the news? Most likely, you switch on a radio, television, or your computer. Mass media is the collective term used for the sources that the public at large use when they require information, news, or entertainment.

Essentially, mass media is the technology used to communicate with the general public. It is the main communication methods that content providers use to reach the masses. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the worldwide web are the most usual forms of mass media. Generally speaking, the general public depends on various media channels for entertainment and to receive information related to social, cultural, and political matters.

Over the years, the mass media has developed and evolved in a number of significant ways. Maybe you have sometimes wondered how information and news was brought to the masses in times past? In fact, before radio, television, and the Internet were invented, newspapers were the main means of communicating with people and these can, therefore, be considered the original mass media platform. For a very long time, the masses depended on the journalists and writers of local publications (namely newspapers) to provide up-to-date news and to inform them of the latest events.

As time passed, radio was invented in the late nineteenth century. This would soon replace newspapers as the primary means of communicating with the masses. It was commonplace for families to gather around their radios to listen to programs on their favorite stations to get the latest world news. As well as providing entertainment, the radio provided current information on social and political issues.

A bit later on in time, the television was invented. Inevitably, this soon replaced the radio as the most popular and effective mass media platform. Nowadays, the Internet has become the most popular mass media channel and it has quickly become a vital platform for news providers. The advent of the Internet has made it possible for the wider public to instantly access news channels with just a few mouse clicks. Moreover, the ready access provided by the Internet saves people waiting for scheduled news bulletins and other programs.

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