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Law is a core tool to make society function properly. Law is enforced by means of different governmental institutions, which are responsible for its implementation. One of the main functions of law is to make sure that society representatives show respect to each other and to ensure equality among people. Laws can be made by single or collective legislature. Such actions result in issuing different statutes, which are established by judges. Regarding private individuals, they can enhance law by such actions as creating contracts (including so-called arbitration agreements). However, laws formation is not a free process. It can be greatly influenced by a constitution and the rights it guarantees. The importance of law cannot be underestimated. It impacts all spheres of people’s lives, including politics, history, economics, society, and even shapes the relations between different individuals.

Law is a rule created by the government, which forbids or allows a person to take some actions, which may be considered illegal or legal. Illegal actions can lead to severe punishments, which include fines or even imprisonment.

There is no doubt that people would do danger, unacceptable things without laws. In case there were no laws, the power would be completely divided between the strongest individuals. As a result, the weak would be deprived of any possibilities to rule or influence the situation. Just imagine how difficult it could be to buy things, when there are no guarantees that the goods you purchase are of high quality. There would be no chance to punish anyone for driving too fast or for stealing, etc.

This statement is supported by the fact that even in those societies where people live governed by a certain set of laws and regulations different conflicts arise. However, in such cases, there is law to resolve such disputes. The proceedings in courts result in stating who is wrong and who is right in a specific situation.

As a result, law essay writing is crucial for understanding how the court systems of the world work, how the disputes are regulated, etc. Without any doubt, there would be no peaceful society without laws, as well as without institutions that guarantee their fulfillment.

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