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Despite general thought that sample essays are of no use for students, they can be very helpful. Sample essays can help students master their writing skills and get high marks for their assignments. If properly used, they can bring positive outcomes and improve students’ performance. There are many myths about sample essays, which are aimed at revealing negative sides of such papers. However, in the article below we will ruin some of them.

Myth 1. Students will become lazy by using samples. They will only copy parts of samples instead of looking for materials themselves.
The given statement is false. The deal is that students who want to get positive results and show high-level performance will learn from sample essays. In this case, sample essays serve as a source of inspiration. Moreover, samples serve as an example of A+ paper and many students will learn how to write a good paper using correct format and structure. Using samples, students will be motivated to work harder.

Myth 2. Students can use already existing thoughts provided in sample essays and thus, will stop thinking critically.

This myth is not supported by any real life evidence. On the contrary, numerous examples show that students who use sample essays perform better, as after reading samples they develop even more new ideas. The competitive nature of students makes them think that they can do better and write papers of higher quality compared to the sample essays. It stimulates their brain activity and helps them improve their writing skills and abilities to think more critically. It can be said that sample essays encourage students work harder and who higher results.

Myth 3. Students will not do any research. They will simply use sources provided in sample essays for their own purposes.

Such idea of lack of research work and resourcefulness is wrong. Actually, looking for a good essay sample is also a great research work. It is not always easy to look for a sample that fits your specific topic. As a result, while looking for a good sample essay, students develop their research skills, which will be useful for writing high quality papers.


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