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Ethics is a science relating to philosophy that deals with determining and suggesting the methods of correct and wrong behavior. The term “ethics” is of Greek origin and derives from the word “ethicos.” Axiology which is also a branch of philosophy includes the subsections of aesthetics and ethics both dealing with particular issues.

As to the functions of ethics, it tries to find the answers to the following questions: What way of living is considered suitable for everyone? What measures are regarded as appropriate or inappropriate in a particular situation? If to be specific, ethics explores the issues relating to morality. It outlines such abstract notions as good and bad, moral and immoral, honest and dishonest, and others. Moral philosophy as a subsection of intellectual enquiry is connected with such areas as descriptive ethics, moral psychology, and value theory.

Today, three main fields of study can be defined within ethics:

  • Meta ethics. It deals with the theoretical aspect of moral issues and identifies their true value.
  • Applied ethics. It studies people’s behavior in a particular situation.
  • Normative ethics. It explores the practical tools of defining the moral conduct in different situations.
The Dominance of Male Chefs

At the present time women can study, work and vote on the same level as men; they became independent and liberated, and the times of sexual discrimination passed long ago. However, there is one sphere that hints on its existence. It is a restaurant industry, namely the art of professional cooking. The fact is paradoxical:...

Advantages of traditional graphic design portfolios

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