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If you have ever taken a trip to the forest, you definitely noticed an amazing variety of living organisms inhabiting there. One can find the plants of different types and sizes in the forest. Taking a road trip is also a great option. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery composed of oak trees, bushes, pine trees, etc. If you have experienced these feelings, you are a real connoisseur of nature beauty. Note that the science studying the interaction between living organisms is called ecology.

One should know that ecology studies not only the organisms living in valleys or other natural habitats. This science is also concentrated on examining the organisms living in a dark corner of your room, in the bathroom where there is a high level of humidity, etc. All these are good examples of the issues ecology deals with.

The main aim of ecology is to comprehend the mechanism of distribution of living organisms inhabiting a particular place. For example, there are definitely different types of plants and other organisms in the park near your house. The way these organisms exist is called an interaction between them and their environment.

Climate Change

Climate is defined as the main physical state of the climate system. The climate system is constituted by atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, and the biosphere, which are intimately interconnected (Lauri, 80). Climate characteristics are defined by data collected over a long period, which in most cases is beyond 50 years. Date collection that determine climate...

The Importance of Wetlands

Wetlands are importance ecosystems that are created where land and water meet, creating a “wet land” or marsh-like area. Water either covers the soil or is present at the surface of the ground during the vast majority of the year, making for a different ecology than areas where ground is able to absorb water or...

Industry and Development of Brazil and China

Nations develop at very different rates and resources and communications are widely exchanged worldwide. It is clear that some nations are simply better equipped and knowledgeable at managing resources than others. Regardless of present globalization and the ease of communication and exchange, clearly some countries have thrived and others are increasingly falling behind. Nations such...

Global Warming

Global warming is the steady increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and its projected continuation. Although painted through the media to be an imminent threat caused by human negligence and air pollution, there is also evidence that points to the contrary possibility that global warming is nothing more than an...

Economics in a Global Environment

The decision to continue operating a business at a loss is a hard one to make and there are many factors that need to be taken into account. With only the information given, it would make sense to stay open at least temporarily to see if another solution presents itself to increase revenue. This is... Protection Status