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Biology is the science of life in all its forms referring to origin, growth, structure, etc. There are nine main fields with their own subdivisions within biology:

  • Botany studies different types of plants.
  • Ecology explores the way living organisms exist in their specific environment.
  • Biochemistry examines the material that forms living things.
  • Genetics deals with heredity.
  • Physiology studies the functions of living organisms.
  • Cellular biology examines the peculiarities of cellular items of living organisms.
  • Zoology is the study focused on analyzing animals and their behavior.
  • Evolutionary biology studies the origin and modifications during a live cycle.
  • Molecular biology examines different types of biological molecules.

It should be admitted that the abovementioned fields are closely connected with each other. Therefore, it is impossible to study genetics, for example, if you are unaware of the basic aspects of evolutionary biology, physiology or cellular biology. Mind that one cannot handle the botany issues properly if they know nothing about biochemistry.

Trust as an Essential pre-requisite for Effective Corporate Communication

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Market Structures and Firm Behaviors

The four-firm concentration ratio is used in economics as an indicator to the relative market share held by the four largest firms in an industry. Depending on the percentage held by those four-firms, one can draw conclusions about the state of the market and the level of competition within the industry. Industries with concentration ratios...

Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business It is a ruthless concept but “the ends justify the means” is often the motto of big businesses and global corporations. Indeed many businesses come under speculation for their methods of treating their employees and in the procedures they employ all to provide a service or good with a lower price. Large...

Electrical Engineer Career

Today, more electrical engineers are at work than ever before. Indeed, it is likely that more people are now employed as electrical engineers than the total of all who worked as electrical engineers prior to the mid-twentieth century. The great increase in the number of electrical engineers along with ongoing developments in technology, organization, and...

Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

It is often joked that management is the position of getting things done through others. As a supervisor, one takes on many managerial aspects of a business and being a good supervisor can make all the difference in how smoothly an operation runs and successful employees feel about their work. The supervisor is looked to...

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