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art essays

What does the term “art” mean? It can be stated that art is the way one expresses their creativity in a specific visual form. It should be noted that everyone interprets the notion of beauty in their own way. Some people start thoroughly analyzing the very notion that they forget to enjoy the beauty of the matters around them.

Let us try to imagine our life without art to fully grasp the meaning of the mentioned term. Just think about life without your favorite statuettes on your night table and the lovely pictures on the wall above your bed. Would you find the computer games interesting without color computer graphics? What about the songs you have added to the playlist on your mobile phone? Would you consider your life fascinating without these things? It is proved that art has a powerful influence on our brain. It can make us laugh and cry.

In 1404, an Italian artist Donatello made a sculpture called “The Androgynous David.” It displayed the characteristic features both of men and women. One should know that David is a biblical character. Donatello depicted him being adolescent, as this is the period when people often feel themselves confused. During the Renaissance era, a lot of people thought that David was portrayed in a bad way. Therefore, the sculpture was demonstrated to people in private only. Some people did not even regard the sculpture as a form of art.

Perhaps diverse forms of art are evaluated in different ways depending on the era. The art creations that were considered poor during the Renaissance period are now highly appreciated. One thing is true: if there were no art creators, there would not be the present-day art at all. Imagine that your dress could have never been created and the painting on your wall could have never been done. It is even hard to assume living a life without all the things we have used to deal with.

How do you interpret art?

Roman Art and Architecture

The ancient art and architecture, which were in Rome have left many people with an enormous and remarkable heritage. There is an enormous quantity of remarkable artifacts and architecture including amazing memorials, pottery, masks and many others that have left people dumbfounded. Roman art and architecture had a philosophical impact on our world today, as...

How does art fit into our culture today and what story will our art tell future generations about us?

“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.” -Amy Lowell In the past only the most wealthy and elite of a society could afford to create art. Art was costly to make because it required crucial resources that only advanced...

Asian Art History: Kokutani v. Nabeshima Porcelain Wares

Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita were widely exported by Europeans during the 17th century. The center of the Japanese porcelain industry lays in the little town of Arita after the white kaolin clay was discovered in 1616. Arita porcelain rivaled the Chinese wares that then dominated the porcelain export trade in...

An Unforgettable Photo

Since the invention of the instant camera, photography has become a way for each and every person to record their own history, to have tangible evidence of being in a certain place with the people closest to them. Photos are used to take pictures of their loved ones, special moments in their life and even... Protection Status